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Specialize in Secondary Maths (O-level & N-level), & JC A-level Math Tutoring services

A Professional Secondary & JC H2 Mathematics Tuition Provider in Singapore

Hello! I am Dr Loo, a full time mathematics tutor in Singapore focusing on Singapore secondary math tuition and JC H2 maths tuition. Below are some of my description:

  • As of 2021, I have accumulated 9 years of teaching experience.
  • Most of my teaching focus is on teaching mathematics. (Secondary and tertiary level, including advising PhD students).
  • Pose Graduate Certificate in Education.
  • Been involving in various teaching position such as assistant professor, lecturer, mathematics & statistics advisor, math teacher, and tutor.
Secondary Math & JC H2 Maths Tutoring Singapore

Secondary O-level Math Tutor Singapore ICP-ACC Badge

Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) Certificate

O-level Mathematics Teacher - Tableau Desktop Specialist

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Some of the trainings that I have attended/certificate I have obtained. Scroll down further for more information on my qualifcation.

1-to-1 Private Tutoring


  • Secondary O-level Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths)
  • Secondary O-level Additional Mathematics (A-Maths)
  • Secondary N-level Maths
  • JC H1 & H2 Maths


Mode of Tuition

  • 1-to-1 Private Online Tuition
  • 1-to-1 Private Home Tuition

Class Size

  • 1-to-1 Private Tutoring


  • Student’s places (Within Singapore)
  • Online platform (Zoom)

Intensive Group Class (Online)


  • Secondary O-level Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths)
  • Secondary O-level Additional Mathematics (A-Maths)
  • Secondary N-level Maths
  • JC H1 & H2 Maths


Mode of Tuition

  • Online Tuition

Class Size

  • 4 to 7 students per class


  • Online platform (Zoom)

Standard Tuition Class (Online)


  • Secondary O-level Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths)
  • Secondary O-level Additional Mathematics (A-Maths)
  • Secondary N-level Maths
  • JC H1 & H2 Maths


Mode of Tuition

Class Size

  • 9 to 20 students per class


  • Online platform (Zoom)

Class Characteristics

  • Structure: Teaching individual solve math problem in structural way.
  • Comprehension: Emphasis the importance of understanding the question correctly in order to approach the problem in a better way.
  • Student confidence: Student’s confidence is important for their academic success. I would ensure I devote enough attention to my students especially during the group class.
  • Exam preparation: It’s never too early to start preparing for exam. Students will be taught how to tackle challenging questions even way before the exams so as to better prepare for coming examination.
  • Up-to-date Syllabus: I keep track on the latest change in education syllabus to ensure the completeness of my lesson coverage.

Tutor Profile

Secondary & JC Math Tutor Singapore
Name Dr Loo
Gender Male
Race Chinese
Language English, Chinese, Malay
Academic Qualification
  • PhD in Management (Major Finance, Best Postgraduate Award Recipient, UTM)
  • Master in Applied Statistics (Distinction, UM)
  • Graduate Certificate in Education (JCU)
Teaching Experience 9 years
Online Teaching Experience 5 years
Past Teaching Position
  • Assistant professor (Statistics, Economics)
  • Lecturer (Math, Statistics, Finance)
  • Mathematics and statistics advisor
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Private mathematics tutor
Teaching Related Training Received
  • Training on academic Practice (Theory of learning and pedagogies etc)
  • Postgraduate research advisor training
Total research publication 5 research articles
Tutoring Subjects
  • O-level E-Math Tuition
  • O-level Additional Math Tuition
  • JC H2 Math Tuition



Student's Review 1

Student's Review 1

O-level E-Maths Student Review

Student's Review 2

Student's Review 2

Student's Review 3

Student's Review 3

Student's Review 4

Fees & Schedule


The tuition charges are different according to the modes of tuition and the class size. You may click on the link below to refer to my tuition fee.

  • For 1-to-1 Tutoring (Online & Face-to-face): S$70/hour – S$110/hour
  • For Online Tuition Class: S$180/month – S$360/month

Time Table

  • Time table for O-level Maths (A-maths & E-maths)
  • Time table for JC A-level Maths (H1 maths & H2 maths)

If there is anything that has not been stated feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Face-to-face Tutoring vs Online Tutoring

Mathematics Home Tuition Singapore

Mathematics Home Tuition

I do provide mathematics home tuition in Singapore. This include

My mathematics private tuition cover most of the locations in Singapore.

Mathematics Online Tuition Singapore

Mathematics Online Tuition

For those who prefer to have online math tutoring, I also provide mathematic tuition online.

Brand Story

Establishment of my Singapore Maths Tuition Services

After working in different educational sectors, I realized the importance on preparing pre-university students with a solid quantitative literacy in order for them to excel in many of the university modules. Thus, I decided to become a full time math tutor for secondary school and junior college to provide pre-university students with the best quality of maths education that I have developed. As a professional math tutor, I continually seeking to enhance my math teaching practice in order to achieve the better outcomes in terms of my students’ math progression in secondary school and the math progression in junior college.

Name: Dr Loo’s Math Specialist Tuition Services

Contact: +65-85483705

Operation Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 Mon – Sun

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Interested to request for my math tutoring services in Singapore? You are invited to send in your query (name, tuition subject, home area) by whatsapp/sms/telegram to +65-85483705 (Dr. Loo) or submit your request form to appointment for phone discussion about the tuition.

Math Tutoring in Singapore

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Importance of Learning Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes and patterns. It involves a varies of math topics with various application in our real life. One of the examples is the application of mathematics in financial management. Even in home decoration, you would need to know how to calculate the area when installing tiles in a dining room.

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