Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore

Looking for Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore? I am Dr Loo, a mathematics home tutor with 8 years of teaching experience.

I do specialize in providing mathematics and statistics home tuition in Singapore. If you are looking for a math tutor in Singapore, I am providing tuition services such as O-level math tuition and JC Math Tuition (H1 math tuition & H2 math tuition). In addition, I do cover the following levels.

Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore

About the Mathematics Home Tutor

  • Name: Dr Loo
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Chinese
  • Area of Specialization: Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Econometrics, Python
  • Tutoring Location: Student’s place (Within Singapore)
  • Academic Qualification: PhD in Management (Major Finance, Best Postgraduate Award Recipient, UTM), Master in Applied Statistics (Distinction, UM)
  • Total Years of Experience (As of 2020): 8 years
  • Past Teaching Position: Assistant professor, lecturer, mathematics and statistics advisor, mathematics teacher, private mathematics tutor
Mathematics Home Tutor Singapore

Characteristic of my mathematics private tuition

  • Focus, 1 to 1 mathematics coaching
  • Convenience, save the traveling time
  • Customization, lesson conducted by following student place
  • Competency, a PhD holder math tutor with 8 years of teaching experience
Mathematics Home Tuition Singapore

Level of Mathematics Tuition

  • Secondary School Maths Tuition
  • JC Maths Tuition
  • IP Maths Tuition
  • IGCSE Maths Tuition
  • IB Maths Tuition
Mathematics Private Tuition Singapore

Tutoring Subject

Secondary and JC Home Tuition

Foundation and Diploma Home Tuition

Foundation Maths & Statistics

  • Foundation Mathematics Private Tutoring (Singapore)
  • Foundation Statistics Private Tutoring (Singapore)

Diploma Maths & Statistics Home Tuition

  • Diploma Mathematics Private Tutoring (Singapore)
  • Diploma Statistics Private Tutoring (Singapore)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Home Tuition

Undergraduate Maths & Statistics Home Tuition

  • Undergraduate Mathematics Private Tutoring (Singapore)
  • Undergraduate Statistics Private Tutoring (Singapore)

Postgraduate Maths & Statistics Home Tuition

  • Postgraduate Mathematics Private Tutoring (Singapore)
  • Postgraduate Statistics Private Tutoring (Singapore)

Contact me for Mathematics Home Tuition

If you are interested on my Singapore mathematics home tuition services, please feel free to contact me via SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram: +65-85483705 to arrange for a phone discussion. Thanks.

Mathematics and Statistics Home Tuition in  Singapore
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