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Dr Loo’s A-level Online Maths Tuition Classes Are Now Available

During this COVID-19 period, your safety is important to me. That’s why I also offer the options to learn A-level H1 Maths & H2 Maths through online tuition classes. For some people, online classes may not be the equivalent to teaching face-to-face. However, online tutoring may also come with its own benefits.

A-level Maths Private Tuition Singapore

Mode of Tutoring


One-to-one A-level Maths Online Private Tutoring

Class Size 1 student
Fees S$85 – 95/hour
Students Level JC 1, JC 2
Subjects H1 Maths, H2 Maths


A-level Maths Intensive Online Group Tutoring

Class Size 3 – 6 students
Fees S$360/month*
Student Level JC 1, JC 2
Subjects H1 Maths, H2 Maths

*4 lessons per month.

A-level Maths Standard Online Group Tutoring

Class Size 9 – 20 students
Fees S$210/month*
Student Level JC 1, JC 2
Subjects H1 Maths, H2 Maths

*4 lessons per month.

In addition to that, I do also conduct JC H2 maths revision classes and also JC H2 maths holiday refreshment classes. For those who are interested you may contact me for more information.

Benefit of Online Tutoring


  • First and foremost, your tutor (me) already have the experience in conducting the lesson online for more than 3 years
  • The timing is similarily flexible compared to 1-to-1 lesson by face
  • Convenient, you can get help in the comfort of your home
  • No need to travel, avoid traffic jams
  • Cheaper costs while getting the similar benefit as face-to-face tutoring

Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about the Maths online tuition.



The features of my Online JC H2 level Maths Tuition

  • Optimal Class Size To ensure students get the necessary attention they need to do their face-to-face tuition, all my online Math tuition classes are kept in small size (4-7) people.
  • Focus on Understanding Similar to my face-to-face lesson, my aim is not just to teach students to do Math questions, I teach them to understand.
  • Using the suitable teaching pedagogy I apply my own teaching skills in helping students to learn which lead to optimal retention!

Subject Covered


  • Singapore A-level H1 Maths
  • Singapore A-level H2 Maths



  • Zoom

Schedule, Fee, Class Size


My JC H2 Maths Tuition Sessions Schedule

There are quite a number tuition slots to choose from as I am doing it as full time basis. However, this is subject to availability as whether it has been taken by a student.

Would like me to teach your child on JC H2 Maths?

Feel free to contact me at +65-85483705 (sms/whatsapp/telegram) to schedule a phone discussion.

My JC H2 Maths Tuition Fees

My tuition rates is depend on the mode of tuition you chooose, do feel free to contact me for a discussion.

Singapore JC H2 Maths Online Tutor


Dr. Loo

Dr. Loo

Principal Tutor (PhD in Finance, Best Postgraduate Student Award Recipient)

Hi! I am a full-time JC H2 Maths Tutor who currently based in Singapore.


I hold PhD in Finance (Best postgraduate award recipient), Master in Applied Statistics (Distinction).

Years of Experience

To date I have accumulated 8 experience of teaching experience in maths and statistics in secondary school and universities in Singapore and Malaysia as teaching staff, lecturer, assistant professor and part-time private tutor. Also, I have received various of teaching related on-job training.

Teaching Expertise

If you are looking for a math tutor in Singapore, I am providing tuition services such as O-level math tuition and JC Math Tuition (H1 math tuition & H2 math tuition).


I don't claim myself as the best math tutor but you may read from the below on how my students think about me.

Student's Review 1

Student's Review 1

Student's Review 2

Student's Review 2

Student's Review 3

Student's Review 3

Other Information


So, why choosing me to teach you Singapore A-level Mathematics?

  • You looking for a home tutor with strong academic foundation on maths and diverse maths teaching experience
  • You want to build a strong foundation and understanding in the mathematical concepts
  • You looking for a home tutor who can provide constructive feedback to students and parents
  • Tuition lesson is conducted in a way to help your child learn Mathematics in a proper and systematic manner so that they can grasp the maths concept firmly.

Why private tuition?

  • Prefer to have personalised help to suit the learning style and needs of your child.
  • Your child learns better on 1-to-1 mode
  • You look into a student focused pace of the lessons which would all fully be according to the needs of your child.
  • Convenience, which avoid the traveling time to and from the tuition centre

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