Complex roots of quadratic equations


Part I: Form the quadratic equation with the following roots

  1. 3+2i
  2. 5-4i

Part II: Solve the following quadratic equation

  1. 2x2 – x + 3
  2. 2x2 + x + 3



Part I

  1. x2 + 6x + 5
  2. x2 + 10x + 41

Part II

  1. 1/4 +/- √(23)/4 i
  2. -1/4 +/- √(23)/4 i

From a quadratic equation:
ay2 + by + c = 0

Sum of the roots = -b/a
Product of roots = c/a

If the solutions are not real number,

y = -b/2a +/- √(b2-4ac/2a * i
y = r +/- si

Thus, the roots are r + si and r – si.

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