Singapore Secondary School Math Year End Refreshment Program 2021

O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program 2020

About my Singapore Secondary Maths Year End Refreshment & Revision Workshop

The class is designed for secondary school students who would like to revise on the maths topic that they have learnt. This Singapore Secondary maths year end revision program will be conducted in December 2021 holiday break.

The O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program is suitable for

  • Students who would like to consolidate their understanding on the math topics that they have learnt during the school holiday.

The revision is conducted in a class of max 30 students. For those who would like to have 1-to-1 math tutoring session or small group tutoring session, you may contact me through whatsapp for further information.

On the other hand, I do also provide regular O-level math tuition in Singapore, online O-level math tuition and O-level math exam revision class.

O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program Class size

  • Max 30 students.

Target Students

  • Secondary 1
  • Secondary 2
  • Secondary 3

O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program Class Duration

  • 3 hours per session.

O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program Subject

  • O-level Elementary Maths (E-math)
  • O-level Add Maths (A-math)

O-level Math Year End Catch-up Program Tuition Fees

  • S$79/session (3-hours)


  • Online (Zoom)


  • December 2021

My mathematics tutoring and consultation experience

  1. Dealing with students (secondary & university) who face difficulty on learning mathematics and students who would like to excel in mathematics and statistics subject.
  2. Meeting with academic staff in university as mathematics & statistics advisor in finding solutions for helping the students learning mathematics and statistics in a better way.
  3. Teaching mathematics as private tutor, teacher and university lecturer.
  4. Teaching how the statistical data analysis using various softwares (eg. SPSS, AMOS, R etc).
  5. Conducting academic research with successful publication track records.
  6. Providing professional consultation to academic staff in university (lecturer until professor) on issue pertaining to statistical data analysis on research.
  7. Dealing with research students (honor thesis, master students, clinical psychology, PhD students) by advice them on their research design, ethic application, data collection and quantitative data analysis.

About the Singapore Secondary Math Tutor – Dr Loo

I am a PhD holder with 8 years of teaching experience at secondary school and university. My expertizes are mathematics, statistics, econometrics, finance and machine learning.

Currently I do provide consultation and private tuition in Singapore. For those who are looking for math tutor in Singapore or statistics tutor in Singapore, please feel free to contact me at +65-85483705 (SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram).

Some of the math tuition in Singapore I provide includes O-level math tuition and also JC Math Tuition (H1 Math Tuition & H2 Math Tuition). On the other hand, my statistics tuition in Singapore mostly focus on pre-university level until postgraduate level.

Mathematics & Statistics Tutor in Singapore
JC H2 Math Tutor Singapore - ICP-ACC

Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) Certificate

JC H2 Mathematics Teacher - Tableau Desktop Specialist

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Upcoming Singapore Secondary December Holiday Year End Refreshment Class

For those who are interested to join my O-level Maths Refreshment & Revision Workshop in December 2021, you may scroll down to see some of the scheduled refreshment classes. The workshop schedule may not be updated on timely basis as I am the only person who manage all these arrangement. Thus, if you happen to see if there is any of the math topics you are interested but is not listed below or doesn’t match your timing, please feel free to contact me to register your interest on my holiday program and I will let you know if there is a new class available.

Other O-level Math Revision Class

I am still in the midst of updating my schedule. You may contact me to get the latest update.

Register of Interest for Singapore Secondary O-level E-math Year End Catch-up Program 2021

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Register of Interest for Singapore Secondary O-level A-math Year End Catch-up Program 2021

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